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Oilax Cito Pro- Voltage And Preheat Setting

Oilax Cito Pro battery is designed with a single button operation, 2-click button pressing turns on 15-second preheat mode
3-click button pressing switches the voltage between 3.4V, 3.6V, 3.8V, 4.0V. The LED lights at the front will display the current-voltage setting.


Oilax Cito Pro- Rings Screw On/Off

Fit With Big Diameter Cartridges In Market

Oilax Cito Pro- Wax & CBD 2in1

All In One System – Single Button Operation. Connection: Magnetic 510 Thread Ring
Power: Internal 400mAh Battery. Coil Resistance: 0.5Ω – 3.0Ω
Variable Voltage Output: 3.4 to 4.0V. Vertical Viewing Window
Child Lock Protection: 5-Click: On / Off. 3-Click: Voltage Switch. Preheat Mode: 2-Click On / 1-Click Off
LED Battery Life Indicator Ring Green – 100% to 70%.Yellow – 70% to 30%. Red – 30% to 1%. 15S Overtime Protection.
Short Circuit Protection. Over Current Protection.Over-Discharge Protection. Overcharge Protection
Charge Style: AC/USB. Charging: Type C-USB Charging Port
Height: 61mm. Width: 35mm. Depth: 17.5mm. Weight: 65g

OIL Cartridges and Wax Cartridges 2in1

Oilax Cito Pro Premium Vape Battery

OILAX Cito Pro Wax Vaporizer Build-Up
The Oilax Cito Pro wax vaporizer is super-compact, light, and durable: for better protection, the body’s frame is made out of stainless steel, like a bumper protecting from falls and bumps. The Oilax battery is also designed with a side window to check the oil in the cartridge.

Atmos Macro Pal Kit Parts Compatible
The Oilax battery is identical to the Atmos Micro Pal kit, and all parts are compatible. The Atmos Micro Pal Kit includes an identical wax cartridge. The oil vape cartridge includes in a Cito Pro is a special vape cartridge that the Atmos Micro Pal kit doesn’t offe

The Oilax Cito Pro 2 in 1 vaporizer will be the best choice for a vape on the go with wax and oil attachments and a reasonable price.

Note: This device is designed for wax and herbal concentrates and is not intended to be used with any other media.

Pictures Options

1- 100 Kinds

Time For Preheat Process

1-15 Seconds

CBD Tank Support


Oilax Cito Pro High End Versions

Compared Cito Pro, Upgrade Versions features as following:
1. Battery adopting 650Mah Instead of 400Mah
2.Heavy Metal Body with oil capacity display windows each both slide.
3.Precise details on top body screws removed make it looks high end.
4.3.4V,3.6V,3.8V,4.0V laser print under each lighting holes.
5.More big buttons creat nice pressing feeling compared with cito pro.
6.Image cover both sides very smoothly and warm hold in hands.

If interested in this high end cito versions pls vist this site for purchasing: www.gypsyvapes.com

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