OILAX (Patent) High-Tech Home-Use ROSIN Machine.


Henruitech (Patent) Very smart home-use machine.


1. Full Touch OLED Screen can setting Temperature Range 90-140 C/ Pressures 25-45pa /Times 15-30 S, its high-end device similar to home electric element in market.
2. It comes with automatically electric grinder inner, It can working in easily way.
3. Both two sides with extra layer can keep rooms for raw materials/dab tools/ silicone pads etc , make once device with mufti-functional one.
4. Very safe working way in whole part like Charger with AC To DC Outlet transformer, Control Panel set with over charger /short circuit protection.
5. Device equipped with silent motor, it can control pressures in proper way. Keep guaranteed it meet satisfy conversion ration.

oil extraction

How to Use it?

1.Extra Tools like Pads /Dab Tools in Device. Wrap 0.2-0.5 gram packets of hash or flower in parchment/baking paper. Press down together so the paper is tight around the bud/hash.
2. Set your machine to required degrees Celsius /Pressures/times, Press the button make machine get start to operations, just waiting once it finished. (It will remind you with sound)

Remember that temperature is a factor – the lower the temp, the tastier the extract!